Pilot Phase

The pilot phase for the majority of participating units started in June 2016 and lasted three months. During the pilot phase, data collection and recording was performed using the specially designed tools from the CLEO team to check the validity of this data. Representatives of all units were trained for the proper use of these tools in a 2-day intensive course that was held on March 18-19, 2016 at the National Public Health School amphitheater. In addition, during the pilot phase there was continuous feedback on the program’s progress, uninterrupted audits to ensure the reliability of the data collected and continuing training of unit representatives by the CLEO experts.

Based on the results of the pilot phase, the data collection and filing tools have been adapted to meet the specific needs of each unit and to facilitate the collection of data in the next phases of the program.

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Το CLEO ιδρύθηκε με δωρεά του Ιδρύματος «Σταύρος Νιάρχος», το οποίο από το 2011 έως και σήμερα συνεχίζει να υποστηρίζει τη λειτουργία του ως βασικός δωρητής.


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