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The internet site (hereinafter mentioned as the “site” or “website”, with the aforementioned terms having the same meaning) aims at personal information of its visitors – users (hereinafter mentioned as its “users”)

The Legal Notice and Terms of Use, as modified each time by the Non Profit Company “Collaborative Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research” with the distinctive title “CLEO” (hereinafter mentioned as “CLEO”) set out the terms for the use of the website.

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This website is published by CLEO, registered in GEMI 132542701000/24.11.2014, with a registered seat in Athens, at Chatzigianni Mexi 5.

Communication – Website manager

Manager: Markela Κoniordou
9 Grigoriou Xenopoulou
154 51
- Athens, Greece
Land Line: +30 210 777 7363
Email: info [at] cleoresearorg

Legal Notice

This website includes general information about CLEO. CLEO retains the right to change its content without prior notice. Neither this website nor some or all of its components intend to give advice or advertise the services rendered by CLEO. No section of this site may be deemed by users, directly or indirectly, as guidance or advice for action or omission. The users should act at their own will, without any responsibility undertaken by CLEO. This website may include information or reference to recent research results or activities of CLEO. Any such information is given for informative purposes only and users should not depend on it or reproduce it or republish it without the prior, express and written consent from CLEO.

Intellectual Property

This webpage in its entirety (apart from the data which are explicitly mentioned as Intellectual Property of third parties) is considered as Intellectual Property of CLEO, subject to domestic, international and EU provisions protecting Intellectual Property.

Any data belonging to third parties is included in the webpage in good faith and exclusively for informative purposes. They will be removed immediately upon request from the beneficiaries.

It is explicitly forbidden to reproduce, copy, use, redistribute, amend, adjust, incorporate, republish, translate, commercially use or transmit in any way or format (electronically or in hard copy) in total or in part the information included in the site or distribute registered Trade Marks appearing in the website without the prior written consent and permission of CLEO, with the exception of the below provision applicable to research or educational purposes.

Moreover, any information included in the site may not be used in public media without the prior written consent of CLEO.

License of use

CLEO encourages the use of the website for educational or research purposes and personal information. The reproduction or storage of data included in the website is allowed solely for educational or research purposes, with the sole condition of reference of the website where the information was retrieved and the names of the creators (if these names appear in the website), taking into account the non-violation of Intellectual or Industrial Property rights.

However, some of the files or data may be Intellectual Property of third parties and may not be used without the latter’s prior consent (which may be included in the relevant section of the webpage). The users agree and accept unconditionally the above statement.

Disclaimers and Internet Liability Limitations

CLEO makes all necessary effort to ensure that its content and the information included in the website is characterized by accuracy, clarity, correctness, completeness, scientific diligence, and sufficiency, is updated and always available.

Any possible efforts are also made to ensure good network operation, but it cannot be guaranteed that the present webpage or the servers used to make it available to the users are free of viruses and the webpages, the services, the options or their results are accurate, complete and available at all times.

Every user has the exclusive responsibility to ensure through the use of the proper anti-virus software the protection of his hardware and his records and files from viruses or malware – applications and the proper management of any detected virus. In any case, the user is subject to the total cost for the repair, maintenance or fix of his computer and operating system to its previous condition


CLEO, in any case, does not have any responsibility for the content and the products or services offered in other websites or are linked in any way with the webpage.

Links are used exclusively to make the use of the webpage by the users easier, whereas the webpages provided are subject to respective terms and conditions applicable in each case. The use of the links does not mean that CLEO approves or endorses the content of these websites and it is underlined that CLEO does not bear any responsibility for their content and any damage incurred from their use, since the user accesses them at his own responsibility.

CLEO should not be held responsible for the provisions governing personal data for users applied in these websites.

Protection of Personal Data policy

- Data we collect
During your electronic communication with CLEO, the latter may collect your personal information, including your name and email address.

- Why we collect
Your personal data are used solely for the dispatch of informative material and the updating of the users with respect to CLEO activities. Moreover, they are used so that CLEO can contact back the users or answer their requests.

- To whom we may communicate your data
The data collected by the users are not disclosed to any third party and are not published in any way or are not in any way exploited.

- What are your rights with respect to personal data.
According to articles 11-13 Law 2472/1997, you have the right to access and the right to deny the use of your personal data. In the event that you wish to exercise these rights, please send an email to info[at] or a mail at the below postal address:

Collaborative Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research, Non-profit Company
5, Chatzigianni Mexi
115 28 – Athens, Greece

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
This webpage and the aforesaid terms of use are subject to Greek Law.

For any dispute related to the use, the execution, the interpretation or the content of the website, Greek Law is solely applicable and the Courts of Athens are solely competent to resolve the said dispute.