Baseline Phase

Following the pilot phase, the baseline surveillance phase of the program began in September, 2016. The baseline surveillance phase for the HH and CLABSI protocols lasted until February, 2017 while for the other protocols (CAUTI, VAE, PAP and Antibiotic Use) until August, 2017.

Also, the analysis of the HH and CLABSI protocols for the 9 months (June 2016 - February 2017) of the pilot and baseline phase together was completed. The relevant results are presented below:



Overall CLABSI rate

Overall HH compliance rate

NICUs (n=15)



PICUs (n=5)



ONCs (n=6)



Adults (n=12)



The overall CLABSI rate by type of ward ranged from 3.17 to 7.34 infections/1,000 catheter days in pediatric oncology units and NICUs, respectively. Specifically, the highest CLABSI score was estimated at about 7.34 infections/1,000 catheter days and was noted in the neonatal units. The pediatric oncology units have the lowest CLABSI score, which estimated 3.17 infections/1,000 catheter days, and finally, the percentage of CLABSI in adult and pediatric units, was estimated at 5.65 and 6.03 infections per 1,000 days of catheter, respectively.

The overall HH compliance rate by type of ward ranged from 40.90% in adult units and 72.00% in PICUs. The lowest HH compliance was noted in adult units (40.90%). Conversely, higher compliance was observed in pediatric oncology units (67.70%) and in neonatal units (71.60%), while the highest level of compliance with hand hygiene rules was observed in children's units (72.00%).

Τhe design of CLABSI and HH bundles adapted to the specific needs of every unit has been completed. These bundles include: CLABSI and HH compliance rate feedback to the healthcare staff, posters, cards, booklets, and other material creation aiming to serve as good practices reminders (Appendix 7), analytical implementation plan (Appendix 7), educational seminars using the above mentioned material.

The design of the CAUTI, VAE, PAP/SSI, and Antibiotic Stewardship bundles is currently in progress.

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