Stefania Maistreli, BSc, MSc

Στεφανία Μαϊστρέλη, BSc, MSc

Administrative Director

Stefania has earned her Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has gained professional experience in financial and administrative management while working in managerial positions in the private sector. Her administrative duties included both public and client relations which led her to excel in her organizational and communicative skills. Due to her inherent interest in the Public Health sector and driven by her urge to contribute to its improvement she joined the National School of Public Health where she gained her Master's degree in Healthcare Management. During her studies she received solid training in the multidisciplinary approach of healthcare by attending courses such as Health Economics, Health Services Administration, Health Technology Assessment, Drug Policy, etc. Along with her postgraduate studies she has been an external research assistant for the National School of Public Health working on projects concerning health and finance. Stefania is a detail-oriented person whose educational background along with her work experience has optimized her communication, technical, and analytical skills.