John Kopsidas, MD, Cand. PhD

Γιάννης Κοψιδάς, MD, Υποψήφιος Διδάκτωρ

Pediatrician, Infection Preventionist

John Kopsidas is a pediatrician with an interest in infectious diseases and epidemiology. As part of his pediatric residency, he opted for a 3 month observership at the Infectious Diseases department of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Following his residency, he has been involved with the design and implementation of research protocols in healthcare epidemiology in tertiary pediatric hospitals, neonatal units and adult hospitals across Greece as well as within international professional networks. He has also been involved in the education of peers on infection control and prevention practices as well as on antibiotic use practices. He has a special interest in antibiotic use and antibiotic stewardship and has started a PhD on the design, implementation and impact of an antibiotic stewardship program in pediatric hospitals in a resource-limited setting. He is currently doing a fellowship on Pediatric Infectious Diseases at “P. & A. Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital.