Sofia A. Kouni, MD,MSc, PhD

Σοφία Κούνη, MD,MSc, PhD

Pediatrician, Infection Preventionist

Sofia Kouni graduated from the Athens University Medical School. She continued her studies completing the master of “Clinical and Pediatric Nursing Research" from the First Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens and focused on epidemiology of respiratory viruses in the pediatric population. She has also successfully presented her doctoral thesis, where she extensively studied the epidemiology and clinical presentation of 17 respiratory viruses using microarrays in hospitalized and non-hospitalized pediatric patients. She completed the residency of Pediatrics in First Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens in "Aghia Sophia" Children's Hospital, and during this period she attended a fellowship program on Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Infection Control at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), USA. She has already taken part in organizing and implementing a surveillance program and prevention of hospital acquired infections in two major pediatric Hospitals in Athens "Aghia Sophia" and "P. & A. Kyriakou". Her scientific objectives are focused in the areas of pediatric infectious diseases, infection control and improving the quality of life of hospitalized patients.